The International Organisation for Standardisation has published the ISO 45001:2018 Standard in March, 2018. A three-year moratorium has been given to all systems previously certified to OHSAS 18001:2007 to transit to the new Standard ISO 45001:2018.

However, IAF (the global association for developing the principles and practices for the conduct of conformity assessment) has passed a resolution that as from September, 2020 Conformity assessment bodies must conduct all OHSAS 18001 Initial, Surveillance and Recertification audits to the new version ISO 45001.

SON-MSC will allow applications to be processed and on-going certification to the existing Standard (OHSAS 18001: 2007) up till September, 2020 considering that the publication of the new standard does not automatically mean cessation of the OHSAS 18001: 2007.

Re-assessment/re-certification and Surveillance audits can take place during period of co-existence; but all OHSAS 18001: 2007 certificates will have expiry dates of March, 2021.

New applicants are encouraged to apply straight to the new Standard ISO 45001: 2018. Clients are to take note of this please.

There are three transition program options for clients as follows:

Stand-alone transition audit: Client may choose to apply for transition audit regardless of its status in a valid certification audit program. Certificate after successful completion of audit will be issued reflecting the standing certification program of the client.

Validity of the certificate will last till the end of the certification program and the charge for the transition audit will be one-third of the initial certification man-day

Surveillance/Transition audit: A client may choose to have the transition audit combined with its surveillance audit within a valid certification audit program.

Validity of the certificate issued upon successful audit completion will be for the duration of the existing 3 year program of the client and will attract a charge of two-third of initial certification Man-day.

Recertification/Transition audit: A client may choose to have the transition audit combined with its recertification audit before the end of the moratorium.

On successful completion of the transition audit, a certificate will be issued reflecting the duration of a new 3 year certification program. The duration in man-day of the audit shall be equivalent to a full certification audit.

When ready for the transition, the client is required to contact the SON-MSC for the relevant application form. Information received from the form will be reviewed. If adequate, the application will be accepted and a quote will be issued. The client will be scheduled for audit within a month to the payment after receiving a payment advice. On completion of the audit, a certificate will be issued expiry of which will be aligned to the existing three (3) years certification program of the client.First date of certifications will be maintained for all clients irrespective of the Transition plan.

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