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SON Act 2015 No 14, clause 6, provided for the Standards Library:

The Organisation shall assemble and maintain a collection of books, publications (standards) and other such materials as it considers appropriate for a (National) standards library of the highest standing for Nigeria

The library now operates Online Public Access Catalogue (OPAC) for generation and dissemination of standard related information to the relevant stakeholders.

The system currently holds about 3,000 Nigerian Industrial Standards and related publications, with access to over 100,000 foreign, national, regional and international standards from other standards bureau, as part of the World Standards Services Network (WSSN).

WSSN has over 160 membership made up of both national and international standard bodies such as SON, BSI, GSA, SARBS, ASME, ARSO, ISO, IEC, ITU, CODEX, EU, etc.

The main objectives of SON Library Services on issues of standards, standardisation and related matters is to generate, promote access, sales and use of standards information to support national socio-political and economic development of Nigeria.

The Library also by its membership of ISONET (ISO Information Network), promotes the flow of global information on standards, technical regulations and related documents.

Each national member body is responsible for information on all relevant standards and technical regulation information valid within its territory, for promotion of mutual world trade.

The annual catalogue of standards including online access, is the medium of exchange of standards and standards information, among ISONET members for reference, research and application by the users at relative defined terms and conditions for SON Management, Technical staff, MDAs, Business entrepreneurs, industrialists and consumers.

The SON Library is also the resource centre of Nigeria WTO/TBT Enquiry Point for inquiry and accessing relevant mutual economic and commercial information.

Access to information on standardisation issues is critical to the national economic performance, the Library Services remains the interface and platform on which all the relevant stakeholders on standards information interact and source their needs.


Click here to learn about our flow chart for sales of NIS Standards through the SON Library.

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