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Basic Steps In Achieving Management System Certification

 Basic Steps in Achieving Management System Certification

  • Awareness Training ( to help you understand what you need to do in order to achieve certification to any Standard  – ISO 9001,  ISO 14001, OHSAS 18001;  ISO 22000, HACCP)

          (Note: SON can provide this training for you at your facility or ours)

  • Establishing the Management Systems Documented Information.

          (Manuals, Procedures, Policies, Work instructions etc).

  • Management System Implementation (Do what you planned & keep records).
  • Internal Auditors Trainingto prepare your people to be able to audit your management system as required by the standards. (Note: SON Training Services can provide this training for you at your arranged-facility or you may send participants to their open public training)
  • Measurement of Management System Effectiveness (perform Internal Audits, Monitoring of Performances, Management Review etc and keep records)
  • Complete Enquiry Information for Certification (you will need to complete our Application questionnaire, to enable us issue you a detailed Proposal).
  • Undergo First stage of Certification Audit: This is basically a documentation audit and will also ascertain your readiness for the implementation audit. Auditors will perform this process in your central facility.
  • Undergo Second Stage (Implementation) Certification Audit (SON-MSC will assign Auditors to perform this process at your site including temporary sites, outlets and outstations)
  • Certification Decision Based on the conclusion reached by the Auditors, decision will be taken as to your being certified or otherwise. This involves careful review of all the Certification functions by defined persons who are independent of the Certification process.
  • Issuance of ISO Certificate  The Certificate is processed immediately and all relevant records updated. (…and Celebrations…if successful).
  • Follow-up / Surveillance Audits (Yearly)
  • Renewal/Revalidation/Recertification Audit (every 3years).
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