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SON Technical Committee Number Technical Committee Name
SON/TC 107 Freight containers
SON/TC 108 Plastic Pipes, Fittings and Valves
SON/TC 109 Cutlery and table hollow-ware
SON/TC 110 Boilers and pressure vessels
SON/TC 111 Basic engineering
SON/TC 112 Containers and tanks
SON/TC 113 Welding and allied processes
SON/TC 114 Wire and wire products
SON/TC 115 Steel wire ropes
SON/TC 116 Ships and marine technology
SON/TC 117 Lifts and escalators
SON/TC 118 Liquefied petroleum gas installations
SON/TC 119 Petroleum tanks and installations
SON/TC 120 Iron mongery and builders hardware
SON/TC 121 Small tools
SON/TC 122 Steel and aluminium products and metallugy
SON/TC 123 Road vehicles
SON/TC 124 Tyres, rims and valves
SON/TC 125 Tractors and machinery for agriculture and forestry
SON/TC 126 Metal pipes and metallic fittings
SON/TC 127 Appropriate technology
SON/TC 128 Cranes and Industrial trucks
SON/TC 129 Cycles
SON/TC 130 Equipments for fire fighting and Fire protection
SON/TC 131 Aircrafts
SON/TC 132 Assistive products for persons with disabilities
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