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The Legal/Council directorate is responsible for the effective and efficient management of the Legal involvements of SON, provision of legal advisory services and ensuring effective management of legal and contractual risks.

Units of the Department

  • Criminal Prosecution Unit
  • Litigation Management
  • Soliciting/Legal Drafting Unit
  • Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) Unit


  • Providing Legal Advice And Guidance
  • Prosecution Of Cases In Courts And Litigation Management
  • Review, Preparation And Drafting Of Documents
  • Any Other Duty/Task Assigned By DG/CE SON.


  • To ensure that all actions and activities of the Organisation are executed within the provisions of the Standards Organisation of Nigeria Act, 2015 and other extant laws, rules and regulations.
  • To ensure that all assets of the Organisation are properly managed, documented and secured.
  • To ensure that set targets given to the Directorate are met.
  • To ensure constant review of rules and regulations that may impede on the Organisation’s ability to deliver on its mandate.


Legal risk

  • Review and provide legal advice on tender documents.
  • Review ongoing cases and advice management accordingly.
  • Liaise with  relevant  departments  to  ensure  that  where  legal  risks  have  been  identified,  appropriate courses of action have been taken.
  • Provide  legal   protection   and   risk   management   advice   to   management   especially   on   contract management.
  • Provide and interpret legal information, conduct training and disseminate appropriate legal requirements to staff.

Policy development

  • Review and advise management on legal implications of internal policies and procedures.
  • Review and draft contracts, agreements and internal policies and ensure that they are in compliance with all statutory or legal requirements.

Litigation management

  • Review progress of outstanding litigation and liaise with and manage external lawyers.

Regulatory compliance

  • Formulate compliance check-lists to be used for the purpose of ensuring that all information required is provided accordingly.
  • Continuously monitor compliance with statutory obligations and advise management accordingly.
  • Prepare monthly and quarterly reports for the department for executive management meetings.

Contract negotiation

  • Review all contracts or any other documentation where the Company has committed itself and assess legal implications that need to be brought to the executive management’s attention.
  • Prepare, review and modify contractual instruments to assist and support various business activities.
  • Negotiate, review  and  draft  documentation  for  business  transactions  and  prepare  and  advise  on the necessary checklist to be adopted to ensure information is submitted on time.

Administrative duties

  • Provide continuous leadership, supervision, training and development of department staff ensuring an effective and motivated team.
  •  Liaise  with  the  HR  department  in  conducting  performance  appraisals  and  ensure  competency  and training gaps are addressed.
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