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Product Registration

  • What are the documents required before you can register your products?

    » a. CAC Registration

    » b. Trademark Certificate

    » c. Letter of Authority to distribute the products in Nigeria

    » d. Application Form.

    » e. Laboratory Test Result

    » f. Evidence of payment (TSA receipt)

  • What is the duration of the registration processes?

    Six weeks from payment to the issuance of Certificate

  • What is Life Endangering Products?

    The is a product that can have adverse effect on human life if they are not of good quality e.g Electric cables, LPG

    Cylinders, Electric bulbs, Engine oil, Tyres etc

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  • Do I have to come to SON Lekki office to make enquiries or register my products?

    We have desk offices in ASPAMDA, Alaba, Computer Village, Ikeja/Aluminium village, Dopemu in Lagos and in every state office of SON nationwide.

  • Is Product Registration Certificate same as Product Certificate?

    No, it is not the same.

    Product Certificate is associated with SONCAP Certificate, while Product Registration Certificate is issued after the

    completion of product registration processes

  • How do I know when my certificate is ready?

    SON will contact you

  • What is the validity period for the certificate?

    One Year

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