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There are several regulations made by the standards council and approved by the minister or executive council under the powers given to the Director-General , council and minister under sections 3, 4, 23- 29.

Some of the regulatory requirements include:

  • The mandatory SONCAP PROGRAMME (Offshore Conformity Assessment Programme) for imported goods.
  • The mandatory MANCAP Programme (Mandatory Conformity Assessment Programme) for locally manufactured products.
  • The Mandatory Products Registration Programme etc.
  • Designation, establishment, approval, and declaration of standards in respect of metrology, materials, commodities, structures, and processes.
  • Certification of products in commerce and industry throughout Nigeria.
  • Quality control of products, weights, and measures.
  • Matters relating to metrology- ensure reference standards for calibration and verification of measures and measuring instruments
  • Investigation of quality of products etc.
  • Enforcement of Standards.
  • Quality management.
  • Registration and regulation of standard marks and specifications etc.
  • Establishment and maintenance of Laboratories.
  • Compilation and publication of Scientific or order data.
  • Sponsoring national and international conferences.
  • Proferring professional advice to the government of the federation or state on specific problems relating to Standards specifications.
  • Research.
  • Establishment of Standard Library.
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