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  • What is MANCAP

    MANCAP means Mandatory Conformity Assessment Programme. It is a product certification scheme for locally manufactured products in Nigeria conducted by the Standards Organisation of Nigeria as prescribed in the SON Act 14 of 2015.

  • How do I apply for MANCAP certification of my products?

    Contact nearest SON State Office for enquiry and obtain the application form

  • What documents do I need to submit with completed application?

    CAC certificate of incorporation, on-the-spot test report (SON laboratory test report or test report form IPAN accredited laboratory is required if on-the-spot test is not comprehensive), copy of payments for the purchase of MANCAP form and MANCAP certification.

  • How many inspections will be conducted before MANCAP certification?

    Minimum of two quarterly inspections are required and the product/products must conform with all the requirements of relevant Nigerian Industrial Standard.

  • What do I get at the of MANCAP certification?

    The MANCAP certificate and logo is issued at the end of the certification. The MANCAP logo has unique identification number and can be affixed on each unit of the products or on the label

  • How long does it take to obtain MANCAP?

    It takes 60days from the receipt of MANCAP applications at the MANCAP Division office if all the requirements are met

  • How much do I pay for the MANCAP certification?

    The certification fees and inspection charges are as published and can be obtained at SON State Offices nationwide.

  • For how long is MANCAP certificate valid?

    Three (3) years

  • After 3years what next?

    Recertification / Revalidation of the certificate and a new one is issued.

  • What happens within the 3years validity?

    SON State Office covering the area/state will be conducting inspection of your factory on quarterly basis

  • Can I export my products with MANCAP certificate?


    MANCAP certified products can be export to any West African country.

  • What is MANCAP fast track?

    MANCAP fast track is not a certification but verification exercise to ascertain production and quality assurance capability of companies/factories after which MANCAP logo with number is issued for 6months period. This is to facilitate trade and encourage MSMEs.

    It is expected that MANCAP certification would be completed within the 6months period.

  • How do I apply for MANCAP fast track

    Contact the nearest SON State Office to be guided.

  • What is Product-type certification

    It is a certification for products for export based on the destination country or customer requirements

  • What is the validity period of Product-type certificate

    One (1) year.

    The country of destination of the products and the country / customer specification or requirement is also stated on the certificate

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