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SON Technical Committee Number Technical Committee Name
SON/TC 136 Hospital Equipment, Medical devices, Instruments and related tools
SON/TC 136/SC 01 Surgical Instruments
SON/TC 136/SC 02 Biological Evaluation of Medical Devices
SON/TC 136/SC 03 Clinical Laboratory and in Vitro Diagnostic Test Systems
SON/TC 136/SC 04 Implants for Surgery
SON/TC 136/SC 05 Anesthetic and Respiratory Equipment
SON/TC 137 Dentistry and oral Hygiene
SON/TC 138 Non-systemic Contraceptives and STI barrier prophylactics
SON/TC 139 Pharmaceuticals and alternative medicines
SON/TC 139/SC 01 Pharmaceuticals and related Tools and Devices
SON/TC 139/SC 02 Alternative Medicines and related Services
SON/TC 140 Beauty Services
SON/TC 141 Veterinary Services
SON/TC 142 Health informatics
SON/TC 143 Health and Safety
SON/TC 143/SC 01 Ergonomics
SON/TC 144 Disaster Management
SON/TC 144/SC 01 Fire Safety services
SON/TC 144/SC 02 Occupational Health and Safety
SON/TC 145 Acoustics and Noise Pollution Abatement Management
SON/TC 146 Education Services
SON/TC 146/SC 01 Higher Education Services
SON/TC 146/SC 02 Basic Education Services
SON/TC 146/SC 03 Special education services
SON/TC 146/SC 04 Early Childhood care and education services
SON/TC 146/SC 05 Professional Services
SON/TC 148 Information and Documentation
SON/TC 148/SC 01 Information Science Services
SON/TC 148/SC 02 Intellectual Property Services
SON/TC 148/SC 03 Publishing and Media Services
SON/TC 149 Tourism and Related Services
SON/TC 149/SC 01 Eco. Tourism
SON/TC 149/SC 02 Tour Guide Services and Travel Agencies
SON/TC 149/SC 03 Sports Tourism
SON/TC 149/SC 04 Tourism and Accommodation
SON/TC 149/SC 05 Cultural Heritage
SON/TC 149/SC 06 Tourist Information Services
SON/TC 149/SC 07 Beaches
SON/TC 149/SC 08 Training of Tourism Schools, Service providers and personnel
SON/TC 150 Social Responsibility
SON/TC 151 Entertainment Services and recreational facilities
SON/TC 152 Sports and Related Equipments
SON/TC 153 Safety of Toys
SON/TC 154 Quality Management and Quality Assurance
SON/TC 155 Conformity Assessment
SON/TC 156 Environmental Management Systems
SON/TC 156/SC 01 Bulk Water Services
SON/TC 156/SC 02 Sewage Services
SON/TC 157 Refuse Disposal Services
SON/TC 158 Statistical Methods and Basic Measurement
SON/TC 158/SC 01 Application of Statistical Methods
SON/TC 158/SC 02 Basic Principles
SON/TC 159 Graphic Technology and Graphical Symbols
SON/TC 160 Consumer and Related Services
SON/TC 160/SC 01 Marketing services
ISO 27001:2022 Information security, cybersecurity and privacy protection
SON/TC 160/SC 02 Consumer Issues
SON/TC 160/SC 03 Distribution Services
SON/TC 161 Accounting services
SON/TC 164 Nutrition and Health Services
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