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The Directorate of Finance and Account is headed by a Director and assisted by four Deputy Directors who are heads of divisions that make up the Directorate namely:



  •  Ensure compliance with financial regulations and accounting code/manual by all staff under his control and supervision.
  • Advise the accounting officer on all financial matters as well as the technical provisions of financial regulations, treasury and other finance circulars issued from time to time by regulatory agencies.
  • Managing funds in a manner that assures smooth operations of the organization.
  • Maintaining proper accounting records and books of accounts.
  • Ensure adequate control and management of Property, Plant and Equipment and reconciling the schedules thereto to the General Ledger on periodically.
  • Ensures Proper Maintenance of General Ledger.
  • Timely rendition of the organization Annual Financial reports in compliance with statutory provisions.
  • Ensure prompt and timely renditions to of the office of the Accountant General of the Federation and OAuGF (Office of The Auditor General Of The Federation).
  • Ensure analysis, interpretation and the reporting of General Purpose Financial Statement in line with IPSAS.
  • Proper Maintenance of Property, Plant and Equipment Register and carry out analytical / statistical review of the organization financial statements among others.


  • Proper preparation of monthly staff payroll and liaising with office of Accountant General on issues relating to payment of Staff remunerations.
  • Ensure adequate variation control on personnel emoluments.
  • Maintenance of subsidiary ledgers of payroll deductions
  • Ensuring effective Cash Management System (CMS)
  • Ensure effective supervision of expenditure functions and adhere strictly regulatory provisions and extant rules among others.
  • Identify all revenue accruable to the organization through the effective deployment of E-Demand Note and E-Receipt (EDER) Software.
  • Maintain and update the database of the Service Charge Income(SCI), generating properties/Assets in their locations and highlight the various types rSCIs.
  • Provides information for revenue budget of the organization.
  • Ensuring all revenue accruable to the organization are received and duly accounted for
  • Ensure regular monitoring/ control of revenue collection and resolve any issues arising with third parties thereon among others.
  • Ensure the preparation of Medium Term Revenue Framework(MTRF)
  • Ensure the preparation of Medium Term Expenditure Framework(MTEF)
  • Ensure the preparation of Medium Term Sector Strategy (MTSS)
  • Preparation of Budget (Revenue, Expenditure, Aid and Grant, and Capital Expenditure) for the Organization
  • Preparation of Budget Reports among others
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