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The Standards Organisation of Nigeria is committed to providing an efficient and responsive service to her customers and stakeholders in an accountable, transparent, timely and fair manner through her Marketing department. This commitment is proven by the Ease of Doing Business ranking 2021 that saw SON emerge as the foremost government agency in facilitating the promotion of transparency and efficiency in the business environment according to the Presidential Enabling Business Presidential Council.

The Marketing department handles feedback in form of compliments, complaints and comments from her customers and stakeholders through the Customer Feedback desk and complaint desks in all State Offices in line with the tenets of ISO 10002:2018, the Public Service Rule and her complaint handling policy on the expression of dissatisfaction on:

  • a decision the SON has made or not made
  • the service the SON has provided or not provided
  • a product sold, manufactured or imported into Nigeria
  • the behavior/conduct of the SON’s employees

The unit monitors the satisfaction of her Customers periodically and receives complaints through her complaints center via the link

The Marketing department through her Collaboration Desk also promotes international relations and interagency cooperation by organizing programmes that promotes consumer awareness and are mutually beneficial to all parties. The unit is responsible for Collaborating with Stakeholders, Government and International agencies in matters of Standardization, Awareness creation and Quality Assurance and it does this in line with her Collaboration Policy.

Some of the products of the SON like her Management System Certification, Training Services and Laboratory Services are marketed by the SON through her marketing department to increase patronage of her services and awareness is created on her mandatory products such as MANCAP, SONCAP and Product registration.

As the National Bureau of Standards, SON is the custodian of standards and certification marks and makes these standards accessible to her esteemed customers and stakeholders through her E- Library.

The SON is committed to improving life through standards and will continually satisfy her customers and esteemed stakeholders by providing Standardization and Quality assurance services that meets and exceeds their needs.

To ensure that our brand is known by all and our services preferred by all

To promote awareness on SON brand and services thereby increasing consumer confidence in its standardization and quality assurance activities and its productivity.

  • Prompt acknowledgement of email(24hours) and surface mail (72hours)
  • Through the process of negotiation, conciliation or enforcement investigate customer complaints received from consumers and customers on products either manufactured locally or imported into the country that failed to meet the expectations of the consumer/customer or minimum requirements of the standard to determine the causes of failure for appropriate corrective action and resolve the complaint (80%)
  • Resolution of complaints within 30days
  • Prompt referrals of Counterfeiting cases to the Inspectorate and Compliance unit of SON/ Product registration (72Hrs)
  • Creation of awareness on SON products and services through stakeholders’ engagement
  • Children/Youth Engagement: Creation of awareness among Youth Corp Members and school children on SON product and services
  • SON participation at Trade Fairs and Exhibitions for awareness promotion on Standardization and quality assurance
  • At least 25% annual increase in client base through aggressive Marketing of SON Management Systems Certification, Training and Laboratory Services.
  • 70% Customer Satisfaction Index through monitoring of customer perception of SON services via survey tools such as survey monkey, google survey, SMS prompts, SON social media handles and stakeholder engagement.
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