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SON Technical Committee Number Technical Committee Name
SON/TC 085 Electric Lamps and Wiring Accessories
SON/TC 086 Switchgear and distribution equipment
SON/TC 087 Extra-low Voltage Equipment
SON/TC 088 Cables and Conductors
SON/TC 089 Communication equipment and Systems
SON/TC 090 Electrical Tools and Appliances
SON/TC 091 Electrical installations and Distribution systems
SON/TC 092 Renewable Energy and Energy Management
SON/TC 092/SC 01 Biogas
SON/TC 092/SC 02 Solar and Wind Technologies
SON/TC 092/SC 03 Hydropower
SON/TC 092/SC 04 Energy Management
SON/TC 092/SC 05 Bioenergy
SON/TC 093 IT Security techniques
SON/TC 094 Software Engineering and Programming Languages
SON/TC 095 Office Equipment
SON/TC 096 Informatics Applications
SON/TC 097 Document Description and Processing Languages
SON/TC 098 Information Technology for Learning, Education and Training
SON/TC 099 Telecommunications and information exchange between systems
SON/TC 100 Electronic Cards, Personal Identification and Biometrics
SON/TC 101 Automatic identification and data capture techniques
SON/TC 162 E-Government interoperability
SON/TC 102 Electricity, magnetism, and electromagnetic metrology
SON/TC 103 Mechanics, Acoustics and Dimensional Metrology
SON/TC 104 Mechanics, Acoustics and Dimensional Metrology
SON/TC 105 Mechanics, Acoustics and Dimensional Metrology
SON/TC 106 Mechanics, Acoustics and Dimensional Metrology
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