The Standards Directorate as the main organ of the Standards Organisation of Nigeria is responsible for standards/specifications development and other related activities.

The directorate is headed by a Director who reports directly to the Director General/Chief Executive (SON).

The objectives of standards directorate are:

  • To Co-ordinate the development of Standards
  • To Promote Relationship with international organisations involved in standardization activities such as ISO, IEC, CODEX,AFSEC, ECOWAS, WTO & ARSO
  • To Enhance effective Implementation of Standards and Quality Assurance activities

The directorate provides standards that form the basis for consumer protection, health, safety and environmental concerns.

At present,about 1,300 Nigerian Industrial Standards (NIS) and over 13,000 international standards are maintained by the Standards Directorate.

The standardization activities are managed by the Director of Standards with the support from the Groups Heads who coordinate the activities of these Technical Groups:

  • Electrical/Electronic Group: This group is responsible for the development of standards on electro-technology, information technology, renewable energy, telecommunication, etc.
  • Food/Codex Group: is responsible for the development of standards covering food technologies, food safety, agricultural produce, livestock and livestock products, poultry and poultry product and Codex matters.
  • Chemical Technology Group: This group is responsible for the development of standards covering soaps, detergents, paints, pesticides, pulp/paper and all products based on chemical formulations.
  • Civil/Building Group: This group develops standards covering civil engineering, building construction, wood technology, etc.
  • Service Standards Group: This group is charged with the development of standards in the service sector such as Health and hospitality, Financial and insurance, Technical and scientific, Sales and merchandising, Professional and educational, Utilities and communications, Administrative and governmental etc.
  • Mechanical/Metrology Group: This group develops standards on mechanical engineering, metrology, pressure vessels, motor vehicle parts, pipes, etc.The director manages the activities of the directorate with support of Seven Group Heads who coordinates the activities of the seven technical departments in the Organization.
  • Textile & Leather Group: This group develops standards covering clothing, textiles, leather and footwears, etc.
  • International Standards group: This group handles international matters on standards e.g. standards harmonization, collaboration issues, International Organization for Standardization (ISO),International Electro-chemical Commission (IEC), Codex Alimentraius Commission, Africa Organization for Standardization (ARSO), World Trade Organization (WTO) and Economic Community of West African States (ECOWAS).
  • Technical Library : This section is responsible for the maintenance and availability of standards information, documentation, editing and publishing center and sales of standards, etc.

At the national level, the directorate coordinates the activities of experts, the relevant stakeholders and other interested parties known as National Technical Committees to evolve the Nigerian Industrial standards.

While at the international level, the Directorate participates in:

  • Technical Committees of ISO IEC , AFSEC , CODEX.
  • Harmonization of standards within ECOWAS.
  • Harmonization of standards within Africa.

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