Services – Technical Committees

S/NSON TC NumberTC Name
1SON/TC 136Hospital Equipment, Medical devices, Instruments and related tools
2SON/TC 136/SC 01Surgical Instruments
3SON/TC 136/SC 02Biological Evaluation of Medical Devices
4SON/TC 136/SC 03Clinical Laboratory and in Vitro Diagnostic Test Systems
5SON/TC 136/SC 04Implants for Surgery
6SON/TC 136/SC 05Anesthetic and Respiratory Equipment
7SON/TC 137Dentistry and oral Hygiene
8SON/TC 138Non-systemic Contraceptives and STI barrier prophylactics
9SON/TC 139Pharmaceuticals and alternative medicines
10SON/TC 139/SC 01Pharmaceuticals and related Tools and Devices
11SON/TC 139/SC 02Alternative Medicines and related Services
12SON/TC 140Beauty Services
13SON/TC 141Veterinary Services
14SON/TC 142Health informatics
15SON/TC 143Health and Safety
16SON/TC 143/SC 01Ergonomics
17SON/TC 144Disaster Management
18SON/TC 144/SC 01Fire Safety services
19SON/TC 144/SC 02Occupational Health and Safety
20SON/TC 145Acoustics and Noise Pollution Abatement Management
21SON/TC 146Education Services
22SON/TC 146/SC 01Higher Education Services
23SON/TC 146/SC 02Basic Education Services
24SON/TC 146/SC 03Special education services
25SON/TC 146/SC 04Early Childhood care and education services
26SON/TC 146/SC 05Professional Services
27SON/TC 148Information and Documentation
28SON/TC 148/SC 01Information Science Services
29SON/TC 148/SC 02Intellectual Property Services
30SON/TC 148/SC 03Publishing and Media Services
31SON/TC 149Tourism and Related Services
32SON/TC 149/SC 01Eco. Tourism
33SON/TC 149/SC 02Tour Guide Services and Travel Agencies
34SON/TC 149/SC 03Sports Tourism
35SON/TC 149/SC 04Tourism and Accommodation
36SON/TC 149/SC 05Cultural Heritage
37SON/TC 149/SC 06Tourist Information Services
38SON/TC 149/SC 07Beaches
39SON/TC 149/SC 08Training of Tourism Schools, Service providers and personnel
40SON/TC 150Social Responsibility
41SON/TC 151Entertainment Services and recreational facilities
42SON/TC 152Sports and Related Equipments
43SON/TC 153Safety of Toys
44SON/TC 154Quality Management and Quality Assurance
45SON/TC 155Conformity Assessment
46SON/TC 156Environmental Management Systems
47SON/TC 156/SC 01Bulk Water Services
48SON/TC 156/SC 02Sewage Services
49SON/TC 157Refuse Disposal Services
50SON/TC 158Statistical Methods and Basic Measurement
51SON/TC 158/SC 01Application of Statistical Methods
52SON/TC 158/SC 02Basic Principles
53SON/TC 159Graphic Technology and Graphical Symbols
54SON/TC 160Consumer and Related Services
55SON/TC 160/SC 01Marketing services
56SON/TC 160/SC 02Consumer Issues
57SON/TC 160/SC 03Distribution Services
58SON/TC 161Accounting services
59SON/TC 164Nutrition and Health Services

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