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What products are exempted from the SONCAP scheme?

The following items are exempted from the SONCAP Offshore certification scheme:

  • Food products.
  • Medicines
  • Medicals, other than equipment and machines.
  • Chemicals, used as raw materials by bonafide manufacturers, to produce food products and medicines (note that some chemicals whose usage also extend to other industrial purposes aside from Food and medicines are regulated by SON)
  • Goods clarified as contraband by the Federal Government of Nigeria.
  • Used products, other than automobiles (refurbished and re-engineered commercial article must process Import Permit)

The exemption of some products from the SONCAP Offshore scheme does not translate to some of these articles not being regulated by SON.

Importation of some sensitive, high-risk, life-endangering, and associated products, is mandated to be processed through a special license issued by the Director General/Chief Executive (SON). In such circumstances, the importer will be guided on the importation process.

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