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What is SONCAP Import Permit?

The SONCAP Import permit is issued to exempt certain categories of imports of regulated products from offshore certification (SONCAP).

Such categories include raw materials, packaging, and Industrial Machinery imported by Bonafide manufacturers imported

Bonafide manufacturers who intend to import machinery, raw materials, and packaging materials to produce SON regulated products, are advised to apply to the SONCAP Division SONCAP Import Permit (equivalent to the Product Certificate) to enable them optimize production, save time and cost, and further participation in the MANCAP scheme.

Other articles permitted under SONCAP Import Permit are Project specific items, Humanitarian/Charitable items and other of non-commercial products.

  • Import Permit is issued after evaluation of the importer, import documents, intent of importation, and permit verification inspection (pre or post import) by SON
  • All the above forms the basis for the approval or denial of application, under the directive of the Director General
  • All commercial items and articles for subsequent sale and distribution are to be processed through the SONCAP Product certification route to ensure conformity to standard, fitness for purpose, and safety

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