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What are the gains of the SONCAP scheme?

Some of the gains of the SONCAP program include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • Ensuring that regulated products comply with the NIS or approved international standards prior to export to Nigeria.
  • Providing a level playing field in terms of quality for both Imported and locally manufactured products to prevent unfair trade practices and unfair competition with substandard.
  • Easing trade in Nigeria by preventing delays in the clearance of Imported products at Nigerian Ports and Borders, and all Customs Entry Points and Terminals where consignments are being processed for clearance
  • Easing trade in Nigeria by fast-tracking clearance via pre-shipment document submission, Inspections, and pre-consignment arrival clearance document processing.
  • Preventing the dumping of substandard goods in the Nigerian market and in turn, preventing economic loss to the genuine importers and the nation at large.
  • Forestalling any adverse reaction (such as environmental pollution occasioned by the destruction of substandard products) by regulatory Agencies on the arrival of such goods in Nigeria.
  • Encouraging genuine investors and investment in Nigeria.
  • Promoting MANCAP-certified Made in Nigeria products by ensuring conformity to Standards of imported products.
  • Conserving foreign exchange by regulating the importation of regulated products.

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