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At the 30th African Organisation for Standardisation (ARSO) General Assembly, a significant collaboration was initiated between the Standards Organisation of Nigeria (SON) and the Standards Association of Zimbabwe (SAZ). Dr. Ifeanyi Okeke, the Director General and Chief Executive of SON, led a bilateral meeting with a high-level SAZ delegation led by Mr. Cosmos Mukoyi, the Acting Director General to explore potential areas of cooperation and strengthen mutual working relations.

The meeting focused on fostering partnership in standardisation activities, with discussions spanning various domains such as quality and safety standards, system revenue improvement through inspection, certification, digitization, enforcement, and information sharing. Both parties aimed to learn from each other’s experiences and enhance their respective endeavors.

Dr. Ifeanyi Okeke expressed optimism about the collaboration, highlighting the importance of knowledge sharing, training, and revenue initiatives in addressing emerging challenges and achieving the organisations’ objectives effectively.

This partnership underscores the commitment of both nations to enhance their standards and quality assurance frameworks, contributing to the socio-economic development and well-being of their citizens.

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