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In a notable development during the 30th African Organisation for Standardisation (ARSO) General Assembly, Dr. Ifeanyi Okeke, the Director General and Chief Executive of the Standards Organisation of Nigeria (SON), engaged in a bilateral meeting with a high-level delegation from the British Standards  Institute (BSI).

DG/CE Dr. Ifeanyi Okeke and M. Volodymyr Yakubov of BSI

The discussions focused on establishing a stronger partnership to evaluate the societal impacts of standardization activities. This partnership aims to enhance the effectiveness of standardization in driving economic growth, ensuring consumer safety, and promoting sustainable development. Dr. Okeke emphasized the importance of such collaborations in achieving global standardization goals and improving the quality of life across nations.

DG SON Dr. Ifeanyi Okeke with ISO Deputy Secretary General Sylvio Dulinsky

In addition to his meeting with the BSI delegation, Dr. Okeke also held a brief but significant discussion with the ISO delegation, led by Deputy Secretary-General Silvio Dulinsky. This meeting further underscored SON’s commitment to international collaboration in standardization efforts. The exchange with ISO representatives aimed at aligning Nigeria’s standardization practices with global benchmarks, thereby fostering greater international trade and cooperation.


The 30th ARSO General Assembly has provided a critical platform for SON to engage with international partners, share insights, and develop strategies for improving standardization processes. These efforts are expected to have a lasting impact on the standardization landscape in Nigeria and across the African continent.

Dr. Okeke expressed optimism about the outcomes of these meetings, highlighting that the strengthened partnerships with BSI and ISO will lead to more rigorous and impactful standardization activities. He reiterated SON’s dedication to continuous improvement and adaptation of international best practices to meet local needs.

The assembly continues to facilitate crucial dialogues among key stakeholders, aiming to advance the African Continental Free Trade Area (AfCFTA) and enhance economic integration through harmonized standards.

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