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In a bid to bolster Nigeria’s National Quality Infrastructure (NQI), the British Standards Institute (BSI), recognized as the National Standards Body of the United Kingdom, is gearing up for a strategic partnership with the Standards Organisation of Nigeria (SON). This collaboration aims to align with the overarching objectives of the National Quality Policy (NQP) and the Nigeria National Standardization Strategy (NNSS).

A high-level delegation from BSI, led by Mr. James Richardson, recently paid a visit to SON’s corporate headquarters in Abuja, laying the groundwork for this transformative initiative. The delegation held extensive discussions with SON’s Director-General and CEO, Dr. Ifeanyi Chinonso Okeke, outlining a comprehensive plan to support SON in its efforts towards achieving the NQP objectives.

During the meeting, BSI emphasized crucial components of their action plan, focusing on key steps to bolster SON’s capacity and drive the NQI forward.

One of these steps is Training Initiatives which is about recognizing the pivotal role of standards development. BSI stressed the importance of training SON’s technical secretaries, committee members, and group heads. A comprehensive training session is slated to commence on April 1st, 2024 and this aims to equip SON’s team with the requisite skills needed to spearhead the NQI.

Another step is to promote the sales of Standards. The significance of SON’s marketing department in promoting the adoption and sales of standards within Nigeria was highlighted. This strategic approach not only enhances awareness but also serves as a revenue-generating avenue for the organization.

The BSI delegation also emphasized that Public Awareness and Collaboration is a necessity for active engagement with key stakeholders through robust sensitization and collaboration activities. SON’s Public Relations Department will be pivotal in fostering partnerships and disseminating information about the NQI’s objectives and benefits.

Impressed by the detailed action plan presented by the BSI delegation, Dr. Okeke commended their dedication to the project and the progress achieved thus far. He underscored the critical role SON plays in advancing Nigeria’s quality infrastructure and reaffirmed the organization’s commitment to realizing the objectives of the NQP.

The collaborative efforts between BSI and SON mark a significant stride toward establishing a robust National Quality Infrastructure in Nigeria. With a shared vision of excellence and adherence to international standards, this partnership holds the promise of driving innovation, enhancing market competitiveness, and ensuring the highest standards of quality for Nigerian products and services on the global stage.

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