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In a significant development for the promotion and regulation of traditional medicine in Africa, Nigeria has been confirmed as the Secretariat for the African Organisation for Standardization Technical Committee on African Traditional Medicine. (ARSO TC82)

This approval was announced during the 69th ARSO Council meeting with newly appointed positions within the ARSO TC82 being Chairperson as Prof. Maurice Iwuh and Mrs Uduak Udoso (SON Staff) as Technical Secretary.

Nigeria taking the lead as the Secretariat signifies the Country’s commitment to advancing the accessibility, efficacy, and safety of traditional medical practices.

Prof. Maurice Iwuh, assuming the role of Chairperson, brings a wealth of expertise and experience to the position seeing the fact that his leadership is expected to steer the ARSO TC82 towards its objectives of standardizing traditional medicine practices and promoting research and development in this vital field.

Mrs. Uduak Udoso, as the Technical Secretary, will play a pivotal role in the day-to-day operations and coordination of the ARSO TC82 activities because her dedication to the standards development in the Organization ensures a robust framework for the regulation and integration of traditional medicine into healthcare systems across Africa.


The ARSO TC82, under the leadership of Nigeria, is poised to make significant strides in fostering collaboration, knowledge exchange, and the development of standards that will benefit both practitioners and patients of traditional medicine in Africa and beyond.


  • Titus T. Tile says:

    Congratulations to our able Chairman and Secretary. Congratulations to Nigeria. Things are going on well.

  • Mikailu Suleiman says:

    Congratulations to Prof Iwu and Mrs Uduak. This is a great one and a way forward.

  • Dr. Stella Olagbende - Dada says:

    A big congratulations to Nigeria Arso under the able leadership of Prof. Iwu & Mrs Udoso. I pray a lot of progress follow all your planned & guided endeavour with the entire team in Africa. I pray for greater wisdom & strength to operate maximally to the benefits of all stakeholders.

  • Mr. Ossai I. I. says:

    Congratulations Prof. Iwuh and Mrs Udosa

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