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The Director General, SON Mallam Faruk Salim, said the PAM initiative was to curb the influx of substandard products into the open market.

He mentioned that the new technology was implemented to complement SON’s Conformity Assessment program, popularly called SONCAP, in the progression of the fight against substandard and counterfeit products making their way into Nigeria.

DG SON, Mallam Farouk Salim, delivering his welcome remarks

The DG noted that despite the Organisation’s efforts, substandard products are still finding their way into the country’s market through smuggling and the use of fake SON stickers on non-certified products, therefore, making it necessary for the Organisation to marshal out a plan that will save the country’s economy as well as protect the domestic industries.

He further described the PAM as a digital tool that will help consumers detect and reject substandard goods. He says this will, in turn, harness wealth creation and improve the security of lives and properties.

On the Electronic Demand Notes and Receipts, the SON helmsman said SON was digitalizing all its processes in line with relevant Executive Order on the Ease of Doing Business, stating that this brings about accountability and transparency as well as making it easier for customers that patronize SON services to undertake their transactions with us without physical contact in SON office locations.

Presentations were made by the Director of the Product Certification Department, Mr. Tersoo Orngudwen, who urged importers to get the PAM identification logo, informing them that the technology will protect consumers and give them the power to make choices when purchasing.

An overview of the hall

Furthermore, the Director of Finance & Account, Mr. Aaron Tam-George, who spoke on e-payment as a tool for ease of doing business, buttressed that an individual could easily access the EDER system from the comfort of his home without having to go through unnecessary long queue and incurring unnecessary logistics in the process.

Other speakers at the event included the representative of the Emir of Kano, Alh. Bashir Dankade commended the DG and SON for tirelessly protecting consumers against substandard products and services.

There were question and answer sessions immediately after the presentations to enable the Stakeholders to understand the schemes fully and to assuage their worries by assuring them that the implementation of the two schemes was to protect Nigerians.

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