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Product Certification

Product Certification service is responsible for ensuring that locally manufactured products in Nigeria give the required degree of satisfaction to consumers through compliance with Government policies on standardization and conformity assessment.

The purpose is to promote global competitiveness among domestic manufacturers and encourage continual improvement on the quality of products in line with the statutory obligation of the Standards Organisation of Nigeria.

The General aim is to promote industrial/economic development by ensuring that Made-in-Nigeria products meet the requirements of the relevant Nigeria Industrial Standards with continual improvement on the quality of the products while collaborating effectively with all relevant stakeholders to build strong relationship for mutual benefits.


  • To encourage production of excellent quality products and healthy competition through consistent compliance to relevant standards;
  • To encourage continual improvement on quality of products and production processes by manufacturing industries in the country;
  • To provide confidence to consumers that products purchased will not only meet intended use but will offer value for money;

Product Certification Schemes

SON’s Product Certification schemes are third party assessments of products and processes to confirm conformance to requirements of the relevant specifications or standards.

There are four main product certification schemes operated by the Organisation through the Product Certification Directorate.
These are:

    1. Mandatory Conformity Assessment Programme (MANCAP).
    2. Voluntary Product Certification Scheme (NIS Mark of Quality).
    3. Nigerian Quality Award Scheme (NQA).
    4. Product-Type Certification for Exports.

1) Mandatory Conformity Assessment Programme (MANCAP).

The Mandatory Conformity Assessment Programme (MANCAP) is a mandatory product certification scheme put in place by SON to ensure that all locally manufactured products in the country conform to the relevant Nigerian Industrial Standards (NIS) before such products are presented for sale in the market or exported.
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2) Voluntary Product Certification Scheme (NIS Mark of Quality).

This is a voluntary product certification scheme to reward excellent product performance through consistent compliance to the requirements of the relevant Nigerian Industrial Standards at the point of production and on the market.
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3) Nigerian Quality Award Scheme (NQA).

The Nigerian Quality Award is a voluntary Award scheme to recognize and reward exceptional product performance through compliance with specific criteria and established Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) approved by the SON Governing Council.
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4) Product-Type Certification for Exports.

This involves activities relating to issuance of Certificates of conformance to applicable standards or contractual documents for products to facilitate export trade. It applies to specific consignments meant for export by the applicant.
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