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A strategic communication processed department that builds mutually beneficial relationships between the Standards Organisation of Nigeria and the people it serves


  • To Communicate SON’s role and relevance to its Stakeholders-Manufacturers, Importers, dealers, Market Associations, and Consumers through the Mass/Social Media
  • To promote SON as a business facilitator
  • To put SON in the consciousness of an average Nigerian as promoters of quality products      and services & promoters of consumers
  • To act as an intermediary between SON & Diplomatic Missions

The Public Relations Department is in charge of Corporate Communications within and outside the Standards Organisation of Nigeria. Reporting functionally to the Director General, the department serves as the critical link between the DG and the media or target audience at any given time.

This is achieved by providing accurate and timely responses to issues through the media. In doing this, the DG is able to maintain a high degree of public trust and confidence.

The department is structured into two Units to enhance performance, accountability, effectiveness, and efficiency.

A-PROTOCOL: The Protocol unit which is headed by Mrs. Maryam K Samson (AD) is tasked with making travel, transportation, and accommodation arrangements, including planning agendas and making schedules for visits.

Managing confidential records to protect the privacy of the organisation, Director General, and other executives, particularly in industries that involve meetings with highly important diplomats, executives or dignitaries.

Managing the planning and implementation of all logistical aspects of conferences and/or special events, including program design and development, on-site staff and volunteer coordination, arrangements for meeting space, food and beverage, audiovisual and print material requirements.

Responsible for documenting and justifying budgetary requirements, developing and implementing protocol guidance, and providing training and assistance relative to protocol procedures and requirements.

B-MEDIA RELATIONS: The Media Relations unit is headed by Mr. Maji Aleiku (CIO), who supervises and assesses public attitudes, and maintains mutual relations and understanding between SON and the public. It improves channels of communication and institutes new ways of setting up a two-way flow of information and understanding.

Managing and disseminating information from the office of the Director General to the public in order to affect their perception, initiate actions, reactions, or change.

Creation of media archives in a standardized manner that allows for easy accessibility, creation of a knowledge based library and to track accomplishments of the organisation.

Monitoring of external and internal news, propaganda and any other material that may tamper with the mission, vision or operational policies and guidelines set by the organisation and ensuring immediate actions are taken to address them.

Media Relations

  • Preparing position papers on issues of importance to the organization
  • Handling publicity
  • Issuing news of activities to external audiences
  • Establishing and maintaining contacts with the mass media
  • Handling responses to inquiries from the mass media
  • Coordinating media conferences and tours
  • Tracking and evaluating media coverage

Guest Relations

  • Guest reception activities
  • Preparing visit agenda and other visit related matters
  • Conducting tours
  • Preparing brochures and other print related communications materials
  • Preparing gift items for the visitors, dignitaries, etc.


  • Preparing and publishing materials for consumption by stakeholders, advisory bodies and employees
  • Helping out other departments to promote and publish event announcements and other event related advertisement materials

Marketing Publicity

  • Announcing new products or services and enhancements in products and services, through editorial channels of mass media
  • Developing and executing promotional materials
  • Participating in exhibits and marketing events

Protocol Activities.

  • Developing a good working climate for Employees.
  • Providing PR Services to other departments (photographic services, providing gift items, and etc.)
  • Organizing SON Events
  • Providing public information that will effect public opinion.
  • Managing sponsorship
  • Building and managing relationships with other companies
  • Processing of Official Travel documents (Visas, Note-verbale, Estacode allowances & Tickets etc.)
  • Airline Ticket Purchase/reservations
  • Gatekeeper of internal / external information for SON
  • Corporate image SON branding
  • Hotel Reservations
  • Planning and execution of Media campaigns
  • Passport Processing (ECOWAS, Ordinary & Official)
  • Airport Protocols/passage
  • Develop & plan travel & meeting itineraries’
  • Prepare / contribute to public speeches to be delivered by the DG & Management
  • Writing and deployment of Press releases
  • Inhouse coverage of all SON events
  • Advert placement – Print / electronic media
  • Servicing the Notice Boards with news bulletins
  • Press monitoring – print electronic media
  • Creating contents for SON TV Programmes and the Social Media handles.
  • Any other Public Relations / Related activity as may be directed by Management.
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