Planning, Research & Statistics

The Directorate of Planning, Research and Statistics, headed by a substantive Director is the repository base of the organization.

It coordinates the activities of other Departments by formulating and implementing policies and programs aimed at achieving the organization’s mandate for the overall development of Standardization and quality assurance in Nigeria in a systematic, integrated and coordinated manner.

The directorate’s quality objectives are:

  • Ensure the annual budget of the organisation is prepared timely and comprehensively.
  • Collates quarterly performance reports of the departments in the organisation
  • Carry out planned Monitoring & Evaluation audits to monitor and evaluate the performances of SON programmes, Policies and projects and inform process managers and management for process review and decision making respectively.
  • Ensures the confidentially, integrity and accuracy of SON’s information and records.
  • Maintain a robust and an interactive website.

The Directorate operates through:

  1. Planning Division
  2. Budget Division
  3. Monitoring and Evaluation Division
  4. Information technology Division
  5. Research and Statistics Division


The division of planning is essentially responsible for the articulation, analysis, projection and implementation of development plans of the Organization in terms of annual, medium and long term plans for the Standardization and quality assurance in Nigeria. It also performs the following functions:

  1. Preparation of the Organization’s progress annual report.
  2. Preparation of DG/CE’s speeches and other policy matters of the Organization.
  3. Analysis of Federal Government policies as they affect Standardization and quality assurance.
  4. Coordination of the SON strategic development plans.
  5. Sponsor such National and International Conferences as it may consider appropriate.
  6. Liaise with relevant establishments within and outside Nigeria in pursuance of the functions of the Organization.
  7. Develop work plan for the Organization.


The major function of the division is  preparation of annual budgets  of the organization and periodic assessment of the performance of the projects and programs of the operation Departments of the SON. The division has the responsibility to develop Monitoring Template Questionnaires. Other Activities of the Division are:

  1. Regularly monitor, evaluate and coordinate the implementation of the projects of the State offices.
  2. Collaborates with other Organs of Government and stakeholders to carry out its monitoring activities.
  3. Facilitates easy communication with the Field offices.
  4. Provides avenue for the DG/CE to meet with the Head of Units and field Officers.
  5. Preparation of annual budget.


This division is in charge of records of the Organization. It is made up of Statistics, Research and documentation. The division performs the following roles.

1. To Review all processes, polices, programme and projects in line with the overall objective of the organisation by using the following criteria.

2. To carry out process Evaluation Audit for management decision making to verify compliance workforce in each process.

3. To perform Evaluation report to management in order to reveal the degree of implementation of each processes for management Decision making.

4. Compile and publish relevant data resulting from performance of functions of the Organization


This division is in charge of records of the Organization. It is made up of Statistics, Research and documentation. The division performs the following roles:

  1. To produce, process, store and disseminate timely information and reliable SON Operational data.
  2. To establish a well harmonized and rationalized organizational framework for SON Data generation and information.
  3. To provide a framework for socio-economic research, relating to monitoring Standardization Development.
  4. Undertake and coordinate research programs on the acquisition, deployment and rational use of standardization, quality assurance, conformity assessment and metrology activities.
  5. Compile and publish relevant data resulting from performance of functions of the Organization


Information Communication Technology (ICT) Services Unit was established in Planning Research and Statistics Department of the SON to specifically drive the delivery of innovative technology solutions and support services towards ensuring that all departments within SON are able to access ICT resources to optimize their respective functions:

  1. Provide a sustainable enterprise-wide information system in the Organization that will enhance fast, easy and cheap access to information within and outside the Organization.
  2. Provide maintenance services on all Hardware, Software, Local Area Network (LAN) and other ICT related infrastructure of the Organization.
  3. Develop in-house capacity to operate and manage the vast ICT resources in the Organization through hands on training.
  4. Ensure the confidentiality, integrity and accountability of SON’s information.
  5. Maintain an update the Organization’s website and provide unhindered connectivity to the global information community.
  6. Maintain the Organization’s database.
  7. Support other service-wide projects that share or collaborate information process with the Organization.
  8. Offer technical support to Departments, Units, Sections and individual user.
  9. Advise the management at all levels on the need for constant update of ICT infrastructure.
  10. Supervise the implementation of ICT capital projects for the organization.
  11. Represent the Organization on all ICT related Fora.

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