Take a look at some of the frequently asked questions regarding the SON Library Services Virtual Solution.

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  • National Industrial Standards (NIS);
  • National Code of Practice(NCP)
  • Adopted standards International Standards
  • Foreign National Standard
  • Regional Standards
  • International Standards.
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  • Through SON Budgetary Approval.
  • Government grant or subsidy Approvals
  • Sales of standards information or services
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  • Director General/Chief Executive Office delivery
  • Standards Development Department
  • Acquisition and purchases
  • Gift/Exchange with standards bodies
  • Foreign national and International Sources
  • Complimentary copies from MDA’s.
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No, but it does have access to sizeable number of standards bodies collections through mutual established formal links and working relationships for global development and use of standards, technical regulations, testing and certification via ISO Information network (ISONET).

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ISONET means ISO Information network and is a worldwide network of national standards information centers which have cooperatively developed a system to provide rapid access to information about standards, technical regulations, testing and certification activities currently used in different parts of the world. It involves information centers, which has a responsibility for international standards documents, and the national standards information services of the ISO member bodies, responsible for national standards technical regulations and related documents.

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World standards service network is a network of publicly accessible World Wide Web servers of standards organizations around the world. Through the web sites of its members, WSSN provides information on international, regional and national standardization and related activities and services’ direct links from the WSSN sites are provided to the web sites of the following bodies. They include International organization for standardization ISO, International electro technical commission IEC and International Telecommunication Union ITU.

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  • Degrees, HND and National Diploma in library and information studies
  • Degrees and diplomas computer and information technology
  • Data entry clerks
  • Ability to interact with people
  • Competent communication skills
  • Research and search skills.
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  • YES
  • Visit: http://library.son.gov.ng
  • Click browse and search box.
  • Search by the following parameters:
    1. Standards Reference Code (SRC)
    2. International classification for standards (ICS)
    3. Title key (by using key words or phrases)
    4. Subject or ICS
    5. Key words.
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The registration guideline is down-loadable. Just click on the Guideline link on the Menu-Bar and you will see the download button.