Textile and Leather – Technical Committees

S/NSON TC NumberTC Name
1SON/TC 064Blankets, non-wovens, threads and fibres
2SON/TC 065Dye stuffs,chemicals, auxilliaries and finishing
3SON/TC 066Hard fibres and related products
4SON/TC 067Woven fabrics
5SON/TC 068Knitted fabrics
6SON/TC 069Towels, medical and hygienic textile products
7SON/TC 070Ready made garments
8SON/TC 071Narrow fabrics
9SON/TC 072Textile floor coverings and furnishings
10SON/TC 073Textile machinery and allied accessories
11SON/TC 074Geosynthetics
12SON/TC 075Leather and leather products
13SON/TC 076Hand Made Textile Products

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