Standards Development

How Standards Are Developed

Nigerian Industrial standards development process follows a well-defined, highly controlled procedure.

When a proposal for the development of a standard is submitted, our rigorous process begins called the initiation stage.

  1. Preliminary stage
    Evaluation of the proposal /application, and submission  of the project for review and authorization to proceed.
  2. Proposal stage
    We publicize our intent to proceed and assign your project to an existing or specially formed technical committee.
  3. Preparatory stage
    We prepare a working draft of the proposal and establish a schedule.
  4. Committee stage
    The assigned technical committee / subcommittee develops a draft using an iterative process.
  5. Inquiry stage
    Once a draft is complete, we put the draft standard out for public review and comment. Then, the technical committee reaches consensus and our internal staff conducts a quality review. Finally, a pre-approval edit of the standard is completed.
  6. Approval stage
    The relevant technical committee approves technical content of the draft via ballot or recorded vote. We then undertake an additional review to verify that all procedures were followed throughout the development process.
  7. Publication stage
    We conduct a final edit to verify conformity with our numerous editorial and procedural requirements. Once we complete these final steps, the standard is send for approval by the governing council of the SON and from there, published and disseminated.
  8. Maintenance stage
    NIS standards are continually maintained to ensure they stay current and technically valid. To help ensure this, we will periodically publish amendments and/or interpretation of clauses. All of our standards go through systematic reviews no less than every five years.

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