A standards advocacy and anti-adulteration committee for the Electrical Dealers Association of Nigeria (EDAN), Alaba International Market in Lagos has been inaugurated by the Standards Organisation of Nigeria.

Inaugurating the Committee during a standards advocacy visit to the Market, Director General, Standards Organisation of Nigeria, Mr. Osita Aboloma charged the members to assist SON and the executive committee of EDAN to rid the Alaba International Market of substandard electrical materials and give Nigerians value for their hard earned money. “As members of the Standards Committee, you must not be found importing or dealing in substandard products. You must not use your position to unduly harass any member of the association and you must work closely with the executives and SON officials”, he said

The SON DG posited that in addition to consumers’ rights to good quality products, they also have responsibilities towards the purchase and use of products in line with manufacturers’ guides. The Manufacturers on the other hand according to him, have the responsibility to apply relevant standards in the sourcing of raw materials, production and packaging of their products while dealers and retailers like members of EDAN have the responsibilities to make only good quality products available to their customers and consumers at large.

He stated that relevant stakeholders in standardization need to play their individual roles effectively in order to take optimum advantage of the benefits that standards provide, stressing that self-regulation has become synonymous with the voluntary use and application of standards worldwide.

Mr. Aboloma urged EDAN members not to offer for sale products that they cannot use or are aware that are substandard and injurious to life. He urged them to resolve to reject stocking and sales of substandard electrical materials from their importers and manufacturers in the spirit of patriotism and being our brothers’ keepers.

In his welcome address, Chairman of EDAN, Ichie Febian Eziorjika acknowledged the presence of substandard electrical materials in the market and pledged to work with SON to cleanse the Market.

He enthused the long standing collaboration of EDAN and SON which culminated in the provision of an office space for the agency within the market. According to Ichie Ezeorjika, EDAN is prepared to administer self-regulation through its standards and anti-adulteration committee.

He berated Importers of electrical materials whose only concern was profit making at the expense of quality and the safety of lives of Nigerians and promised to cooperate with SON in the efforts to improve lives through standards.

Presentations were made to the EDAN members by Engr. Bede Obayi, Director, Inspectorate and Compliance; Mr. Suleiman Isa, Deputy Director, Market Surveillance and Engr. Enebi Onucheyo, Head, Product Registration on SON procedures for importation and clearance of goods, Market Surveillance activities and Electronic product registration respectively.

The Director General then led SON officials to inspect an exhibition of locally branded imported electrical products that are registered with SON while the agency’s Electrical/Electronics Laboratory also displayed samples of products that failed Laboratory tests and analysis for the information and enlightenement of EDAN members. About 400 members of EDAN participated in the program.

DG and entourage inspecting exhibited SON registered Electrical Products during the Standards Advocacy Program
DG and entourage inspecting exhibited SON registered Electrical Products during the Standards Advocacy Program