Presentations of certificate of participation by Philips Country Manager Mr. Jones Mgbolu (on the right ) to Engr. Akinware CSE SON Head Seme Border, SON Team Lead (left) at the just concluded Philips Brand Protection Training in Lagos.


Combined picture of Staff of SON/Nigerian Custorm Service at just concluded Philips brands protection training held in BON Hotel in Lagos

In a bid to curb the influx and sales of counterfeit Phillips products in Nigeria, Standards Organisation of Nigeria (SON) and Phillips Nigeria Limited recently collaborated to enlighten SON officials and other relevant stakeholders on strategies and ways to identify counterfeit Philips brand of products in the market.

Speaking at a one-day training held in Lagos recently, Mr. Babalola Olatuji, Team Lead of J.O Global Ventures, marketers of Philips Electronics in Nigeria, disclosed that massive importation of counterfeited products from China and Dubai was increasing unemployment in Nigeria by making legitimate businesses and individuals lose income.

Mr. Olatunji disclosed that the workshop was organised to enable the company leverage on SON’s expertise and statutory power to protect Philips’ business and reputation in Nigeria.

According to him, they conducted market surveys in Lagos, Onitsha and Kano and discovered that a large number of resellers in these cities engaged in the sale and distribution of fake Philips products which has negatively affected the company and its employees.

Olatunji, said it is easy to identify fake as the packaging and imagery used is always of a poor quality and also, the packaging will also not be Philips brand colour; which is based on old artwork and old wordmark (logo) of Philips, while the backpacking may also be a different brand name like Elekta or Armco.

He went further to highlight some features in the original Philips product to include, the round dot on the type plate of the iron indicating it has passed high voltage test, the weak code impressed on the type plate of iron 1038 has to tally with the printed 1038 on the bottom sticker, the EAN bar code is printed on the sticker and pasted onto the bottom of the box, while the fake is pre-printed.

The Team Lead revealed other identification features as “spelling errors and poor grammar on the packaging of these fake products and the prices will be very cheap” he said.

Representing the Director General Standards Organisation of Nigeria (DG-SON) and Team Leader of the SON team at the event Engr. Ayodele Akinware (Head Seme Border Operations, fielded questions from participants.

He reaffirmed the organisation’s resolve on zero tolerance to substandard products and the readiness to collaborate with original brand owners on the reduction of such products in our markets.

According to the representative of the DG, the Organisation is using SONCAP to ensure the quality of all imported goods conform to standard requirements and to prevent the importation of substandard and unsafe products into Nigeria.

He pledged the Organisation’s support within the ambit of the law to protect Philips brand in the Nigerian market.

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