SON Brand

Standard Organisation of Nigeria is committed to delivering superior quality service and meeting the desires of our client and highest standard for the economy.

SON brands are among the most important assets. This is why we take care to position them intelligently to our client and the society. To meet these requirements we have a strong broad-based portfolio of international and local brands.

Our strategy is built on understanding were we are now and were we need to be and also delivering the most relevant brands to meet differing preferences whilst retaining brand loyalty.

We achieve these aims by continually taking the lead in product-Service innovation and quality initiatives.

These are some of our brands:

  1. SON Standards
  2. SON Library Information Service
  3. Product Registration: e-product registration, Registered & Status
  4. SON Enforcement
  5. SON Market Survey
  6. SON Testing Services
  7. SON Administration and Human Capital Dev.
  8. SON Management Services
  9. SON Product Certification

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