SON in providing Management Systems Certification is committed to unbiased and impartial service that gives confidence to the public. This policy provides information on how management of impartiality with regard to the various parties associated with SON is being handled.


  1. Audit personnel – auditors, technical experts, audit trainees and observers
  2. Certification personnel – Client officers, Technical Review Committee, Certification Decision Committee
  • Consultant organizations

Our policy in ensuring that impartiality is maintained when dealing with clients or unanticipated situation include but not limited to:

SON does not provide management system consultancy services neither does SON outsource audits or certification. All services provided by SON-MSC directorate and its parent body, SON, have been identified and reviewed for potential conflicts of interest.

Recognizing that the weight of confidence in our services rest on the competence of our personnel and the integrity of our processes, we are committed to ensuring prompt and effective action to prevent possible threat of

  1. Self interest
  2. Self review
  • Familiarity
  1. Intimidation
  2. Advocacy

To that effect threats to impartiality have been identified in our risk register

Personnel taking part in certification activities are required to act impartially when executing their responsibilities and understand potential/perceived conflicts of interest.

Personnel will not be influenced by financial, commercial, or other pressures when conducting certification activities, and will take action to address any situation that would affect impartiality. Personnel are required to disclose any potential conflicts of interest in Auditors Declaration Form as well as Audit Plans prior to implementation.

In the event of application from an MDA where the body is an organization in authority over SON-MSC directorate or SON, steps appropriate to mitigating   potential threat that may exist would be taken to ensure objectivity.

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