1 Introduction

This policy defines how SON MSC generates the certification quotation

2    General

2.1 Audit fees are based on auditor time which is calculated based on the requirements in International Accreditation Forum (IAF) document: IAF MD5 (Mandatory document for the determination of audit time of QMS and EMS audits) and ISO/TS 22003 (Food safety management systems – requirements for bodies providing audit and certification of food safety management systems). Consideration is also made to ISO 17023 (Guidelines for determining the duration of management system certification audits).

Individual quotes are prepared for each Client.

The client is also charged Logistics costs which are directly associated with the specific activity. All associated fees shall be notified to the Client in advance.

SON MSC does not charge for Application Fees. Application is free

3   Audit Fees

Audit fees (charged at the SON MSC prevailing rate) shall be invoiced before each certification stage as these depend on the duration of the activity. One extra day shall be charged for audit preparation and reporting.

  1. Logistics

4.1 In addition to fees, per diem (subsistence) and travelling expenses are charged as applicable.

  • The travel cost is based on each return trip:
  1. Road transport is charged per km at the approved government rate as stipulated in civil service.
  2. Air transport is charged, where applicable, at the prevailing rate.
  3. Terms of Payment
  • 1 All payment shall be made upfront and concluded 30 days before scheduled audit date.

5.2. Failure to pay invoices as per agreed terms may result in revocation of certification.

  1. Change of Fees

Whenever SON wishes to alter the fees, a written notification shall be sent to the Client at least two calendar months before the implementation of the changes.