National Metrology Institute (NMI)

The National Metrology Laboratory is the National Quality Infrastructure which is the custodian of National Primary Measurement Standards that will provide traceability of measurements to all sectors of the national economy.

The Institute has facilities for the following fields of measurement – small and big mass, temperature, dimension, small and big volume, pressure, force, torque, humidity, electrical, flow, viscosity, time & frequency, humidity, density, acoustic, vibration, photometry, radiometry, metrology in chemistry and hardness.

The National Metrology Institute  ensures the accuracy, reliability, credibility and traceability to the International System of Units, of all measurements undertaken in industry and other sectors and areas like; consumer protection in trade and commerce; quality control of agricultural, mining and industrial products; safety control in industry against accidents caused by explosions, radiation; health protection against damage caused by incorrect measurement; environmental quality; navigation, aviation, telecommunication, time signals; science, research and development

The NMI will eliminate the incidence of inaccurate and short measures in trade, manufacturing, export and import activities in Nigeria.


  1. Mobile Calibration Laboratory (to extend service to remote areas)
  2. A 40 tons capacity Truck for mass piece conveyance
  3. Temperature Lab
  4. Mass & Balance Lab
  5. Pressure Lab
  6. Force & Torque Lab
  7. Dimension Lab

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