Metrology and Instrumentation

SON Metrology and Instrumentation Directorate Activities include:

  • Calibration of Measuring and Testing Instruments
  • Participation in International Metrology Activities, conferences, workshops and collaborations amongst others.

We have working relationship/partnership with UNIDO, PTB, SADCMET, AFRIMETS, NEWMET, IMEKO.


  1. Calibration of Weighbridges
  2. Calibration of Mass Pieces and Weighing Balances
  3. Calibration of Thermometers, Thermocouples, incubators, Ovens / Furnaces /Heating chambers
  4. Calibration of Refrigerators, Freezers and Cold Rooms
  5. Calibration of Pressure gauges, Transducers, Transmitters, Load Cells.
  6. Calibration of Loadcells, Universal Testing Machines (UTMs)
  7. Calibration of Visugauges
  8. Calibration of Torque wrench
  9. Volume Calibration


  1. Instrumentation Unit – Repairs and maintenance of Laboratory Equipment


The Directorate has capability in the following areas

  1. Temperature Calibration
  2. Pressure
  3. Mass Calibration
  4. Volume Calibration
  5. Force Calibration
  6. Torque Calibration
  7. Dimensional Calibration
  8. Instrumentation

National Metrology Institute (NMI) 

The National Metrology Laboratory is the National Quality Infrastructure which is the custodian of National Primary Measurement Standards that will provide traceability of measurements to all sectors of the national economy.
Read more about NMI

Downloadable Information

Metrology Flowchart ProceduresDownload
Modified SON NMI LPG Certification flowchart Download

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