Laboratory Services

Testing services are the core activity of the Directorate of Laboratory Services.

The Directorate provides testing facilities to enable the effective performance of quality assurance activities during the implementation of standards.

The tests carried out are mainly third party conformity assessment of products using the relevant Nigerian Industrial Standards or any other applicable international standards.

Presently the Organisation has five principal laboratories located around the country:

1. Food Technology Laboratories, Lekki, Lagos:

The Laboratories perform Physico-Chemical and Microbiological tests on food samples in the following sub laboratories:

  • Food Microbiology Testing Laboratory
  • Food Physio-Chemical Testing Laboratory
  • Micro-nutrients Laboratory
  • Mycotoxin Laboratory

2. Chemical Technology Laboratories, Lekki, Lagos:

Physio-chemical characteristics of products are determined in this group of laboratories comprising:

  • Pesticides/Insecticides/Fertilizer Testing Laboratory
  • Petroleum & Petrochemical Testing Laboratory
  • Paints Testing Laboratory
  • Soap & Detergent Testing Laboratory
  • Cosmetic Testing Laboratory
  • Packaging Testing Laboratory
  • Colour Chemistry Testing Laboratory
  • Explosives/Matches/Candle Testing Laboratory
  • Cigarette Testing Laboratory
  • Radioactive Materials testing

3. Electrical/Electronic Laboratory, Lekki, Lagos:

The Electrical/Electronic laboratory checks compliance and safety of imported electrical/electronic equipment/devices as well as those manufactured locally.

4. Engineering Laboratory, Emene, Enugu:

The Laboratory carries out engineering tests in the following areas: Mechanical Engineering Tests: Tensile, impact, complete metallographic, chemical analysis of metals, tensile tests etc.

5. Textile & Leather Laboratory, Kaduna:

The Textile and Leather Laboratory is equipped to carry out comprehensive analysis of Textile and Leather products.

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