The International Organisation for Standardisation has published the ISO 22000:2018 Standard in June, 2018. A three-year moratorium has been given to all systems previously certified to ISO 22000:2005 to transit to the new Standard ISO 22000:2018.

SON-MSC will allow new applications to be processed and on-going certification to the existing Standard (ISO 22000: 2005) up till June, 2020 considering that the publication of the new standard does not automatically mean cessation of the ISO 22000: 2005. From 21st June 2020 it will not be possible to accept or issue new certifications.

If a client’s ISO 22000:2005 certificate expires before they are able to fully transit to the ISO 22000:2018 standard, they may be recertified to ISO 22000:2005 (subject to a cut-off period to allow for subsequent transition)

Please note that no certificate of ISO 22000:2005 shall bear the expiry date later than 31 December 2021 as all the ISO 22000:2005 certificates will be invalid after this particular date.

When you opt for certification to ISO 22000:2005, Transition to new standard i.e. ISO 22000:2018 will be required in between to keep the certificate valid.

SON MSC will however encourage & appreciate current users of ISO 22000:2005 to implement ISO 22000:2018 at an early stage.

Please note that if your organization does not have a Transition audit prior to the end of the Transition period of ISO 22000:2005, and then you will no longer be certified as of the end of the Transition period. In order to become certified to ISO 22000:2018, you will need to start over with an initial audit (Stage 1 and Stage 2).

There are two transition program options for clients as follows:

Surveillance/Transition audit: A client may choose to have the transition audit combined with its surveillance audit within a valid certification audit program.

Validity of the certificate issued upon successful audit completion will be for the duration of the existing 3 year program of the client and will attract a charge of two-third of initial certification Man-day.

Recertification/Transition audit: A client may choose to have the transition audit combined with its recertification audit before the end of the moratorium.

On successful completion of the transition audit, a certificate will be issued reflecting the duration of a new 3-year certification program. The duration in man-day of the audit shall be equivalent to a full certification audit.


SON-MSC will accept a client undergoing surveillance with ISO 22000:2005 version till 31 December 2020. However, if a client on special note puts up a request not to be able to entertain ISO 22000:2018 version till 31 December 2020, then we may consider the client till 31 Jan, 2021. After, 31st January, 2021 no further audits for ISO 22000:2005 are permitted.


The last day to schedule any transition audit shall be 31st September 2021.



Please note that 1 June 2019 onwards SON-MSC shall be ready to take up any client requests audit against ISO 22000:2018.

Clients are welcome to state that they want the surveillance assessment to be a Transition & SON MSC shall perform it against ISO 22000:2018. If you take up your surveillance against ISO 22000:2018, we will however not raise NCRs against the new requirements. Any finding shall be raised as an ‘AREA OF CONCERN”. This will continue up to 31 December 2020. From 31st  December 2020 to 30th   December 2021 – Any finding which accounts to a NON CONFORMITY will be raised as a Non- Conformity however be kept as MINOR NON CONFORMITY so that it doesn’t impact the certification status of the client. This will continue up to 31st  December 2021 post which the ISO 22000:2018 requirements become MANDATORY.


All clients shall be notified that they are required to close their Corrective Action Plans by June 2021.


The expiration date on any ISO 22000:2005 certificate issued after the publication of ISO 22000:2018 will be 19 June 2021. Thus, it may appear that you are not being granted a full, three-year certificate. However, after successful Transition to ISO 22000:2018, the expiry date of your certificate will be amended to reflect a full three-year certification