To curb the high incidence of transformer explosion in the country,Standards Organisation of Nigeria (SON)hasconvened a stake-holders forum of Transformer Dealers Association (TDA), DISCOs and other regulatory agencies to enlighten them on the need to eschew the manufacture, importation and supply of substandard transformers in Nigeria.

According to the Director General/Chief Executive of SON, Mr. OsitaAboloma who was represented at the event by the Director of Operations SON, Eng. Felix Nyado “transformers are used for lower voltage distribution networks for end user connectivity, they are also essential for getting electricity to the consumers in a safe manner, but a situation where transformers keep exploding around our communities is no longer acceptable”.

“That is why Standards Organisation of Nigeria has taken the initiative to parley with the relevant stakeholders in the manufacture, importation and distribution of transformers alongside the regulators to proffer solutions for the purchase, installation, maintenance anddistribution of transformers that will be reliable and guarantee the continuous supply of electricity to consumers” he stated.

The Head Electrical Engineering SON, Eng. Richard Adewumi at the event challenged DISCOs and the consumers on the need to stop the overloading of transformers which he stated also causes the explosion of transformers: According to him “transformers by rating are not expected to be loaded more than 60-70 percent of their capacities, however because of illegal connections you discover transformers are loaded more than 100 percent which causes over heating and that is when you start having problems”.

Adewumi also charged the TDA members to be weary of the trickery of some manufacturers abroad when sourcing transformers for supply into the country, this is to forestall the importation substandard products into the country, he charged them to always ensure testing their products through the Standards Organisation of Nigerian Conformity Assessment Program(SONCAP) and the International Electric Commission (IEC) requirements before importing into the country to ensure the quality of their transformers.

The event which was attended by members of the Transformer Dealers Association also had regulators like the EKO Distribution Companyand the Nigerian Energy Management Service Agency (NEMSA) and was hosted by the Standards Organisation of Nigeria’s Lagos III office located in FESTAC Lagos.

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