Food & Agriculture – Technical Committees

S/NSON TC NumberTC Name
1SON/TC 001Cereals and pulses
2SON/TC 002Horticultural Fresh Produce
3SON/TC 003Tea
4SON/TC 004Coffee
5SON/TC 005Animal Feeds
6SON/TC 006Edible nuts and Seeds
7SON/TC 007Propagation Materials
8SON/TC 008Tubers and tuber products
9SON/TC 009Organic Farming and Organic products
10SON/TC 010Fertilizers and Soil Conditioners
11SON/TC 011Tobacco and Tobacco Products
12SON/TC 012Phytosanitary Measures
13SON/TC 013Processed Cereals and Pulses
14SON/TC 014Processed Fruits and Vegetables
15SON/TC 015Milk and Milk products
16SON/TC 016Meat and Poultry Products
17SON/TC 017Fish and Fishery Products
18SON/TC 018Food Hygiene
19SON/TC 019Sugar and Sugar products
20SON/TC 020Food labelling
21SON/TC 021Drinking water
22SON/TC 022Food additives
23SON/TC 023Alcoholic Beverages
24SON/TC 024Spices, Culinary herbs, and Condiments
25SON/TC 025Edible Fats and Oils
26SON/TC 026Sensory analysis
27SON/TC 027Cocoa and Cocoa products
28SON/TC 028Apiculture Products
29SON/TC 029Nutrition and foods for special dietary use
30SON/TC 030Biotechnology
31SON/TC 031Water based flavoured drinks and ices
32SON/TC 032Veterinary drug residues and antimicrobial resistance in food

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