A). Enforcement Operation

  • Survey of markets to identify substandard products
  • Proactive response to complaints sent to the unit
  • Consumer complaint mediation in conjunction with Consumer Complaint and collaborate effect unit
  • Informing the Public of the defective injurious products in conjunction with the Public Relations Unit
  • Generating data on defective products/fraudulent importer
  • Rectification of defective products in conjunction with relevant departments
  • Prosecution of fraudulent importers
  • Generation of revenue for SON operation through rectification handling fees/fines.

B). Ports and Border Operation

  • SON is actively involved in import inspection of goods and quality assessment at the ports.
  • The importance of this exercise is enormous, considering the economic and health/safety implications of influx of substandard goods into the country.
  • SON has established her presence in virtually all the seaports and Lagos borders.


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