The Directorate of Corporate affairs and SON consultancy saddled with the responsibility of managing the image and reputation of the Standards Organization of Nigeria, through a robust media and marketing strategy. Corporate Affairs & SON consults is the image maker of the Standards Organization of Nigeria in that it is actively involved in the control of information flow in and out of the organization. There is a constant interface between the Directorate and the Office of the Director General to ensure that the Organization’s activities and clients are adequately covered.

The Directorate also ensures cordial relationship with the media and its customers, and that the Organization gets the media coverage and publicity required.

The Directorate is responsible for filtering news from the media and relating same, and also gives advice on possible action to be taken where necessary.

The Directorate conceptualizes, designs and implements marketing and Public Relations Strategies towards ensuring that the Organization gets and maintains positive image with the public and it’s customers.

It functions also involves gaining understanding and support of our clients, as well as trying to influence opinion and behavior, using all forms of media and communication to build, maintain and manage the reputation of the organization.

CA &SC therefore manages all forms of communications between the standards Organization of Nigeria and is the Public Image Maker for the Organization.

Supervisor and reporting procedures:

The Director corporate affairs and Consultancy works closely with the Director – General/ Chief Executive, and Management Board, leading on defined policies and programs to ensure that the Standards Organization of Nigeria has:

  • Developed a strategy to raise the profile of Standardization and its contribution to the economy and science and to improving the quality of life for Nigerians.
  • Effective governance arrangements.
  • Ensures that robust business plans for SONs operation, sustainability and future development are implemented
  • Effective communications strategy is deployed
  • Effective policy role and function are deployed
  • Manage and coordinate the activities of SON Consultancy
  • Manage and coordinate the marketing of SON services and products

SON Consultancy Services develops the skills and a wealth of experience of both SON personnel and stakeholders to understand and develop people and organizations. The unit  works with our Stakeholders to unlock their true potential, whilst optimizing their performance and help them to achieve their goals