The CODEX Unit is currently a unit in the directorate of Standards and performs the following major specific activities:

  • Codex Contact Point (CCP) in Nigeria: The unit act as the link between the Codex Alimentarius Commission (joint FAO/WHO Food Standards Programme), the Secretariat/CCPs of other Countries and Nigeria.
  • National Codex Committee (NCC) Secretariat: NCC is a structure put in place by the Nigerian Government to enable her function effectively in Codex. The Secretariat for NCC is resident in SON and Codex Unit performs this function as provided in the NCC Procedural Manual.
  • Universal Salt Iodization/Iodine Deficiency Disorder (USI/IDD) Task Force Secretariat: This Task Force was established with the mandate to achieve/maintain USI certification and reduce/eradicate IDD in Nigeria. This unit acts as the Secretariat for this Task Force as well as ensures quarterly monitoring of Vitamin A fortification of the selected food vehicles to generate data in order to determine levels of compliance by relevant industries.


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