Chemical Technology – Technical Committees

S/NSON TC NumberTC Name
1SON/TC 033Adhesives and Resins
2SON/TC 034Paints and Allied Products
3SON/TC 035Surface Active Agents
4SON/TC 036Paper and Paper Products
5SON/TC 037Photography
6SON/TC 038Rubber and Rubber Products
7SON/TC 039Inks
8SON/TC 040Writing Aids
9SON/TC 041Corrosion of Metals and Alloys
10SON/TC 042Water Quality
11SON/TC 043Air Quality
12SON/TC 044Soil Quality
13SON/TC 045Clean Rooms and Associated Environment
14SON/TC 046Petroleum and Petroleum Products
15SON/TC 047Polishes and Waxes
16SON/TC 048Industrial Solvents and Chemicals
17SON/TC 049Disinfectants and Bleaches
18SON/TC 050Plastics
19SON/TC 051Ceramics
20SON/TC 052Glass, laboratory glassware and related apparatus
21SON/TC 053Packaging
22SON/TC 054Highway Control Materials
23SON/TC 055Gases
24SON/TC 056Wastes
25SON/TC 057Mattresses
26SON/TC 058Refrigerants and refrigeration lubricants
27SON/TC 059Household products
28SON/TC 060Pesticides
29SON/TC 061Brush ware
30SON/TC 062Commercial explosives and pyrotechnics
32SON/TC 063Transport of dangerous goods

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