Required Documents for Trade

Requirements for MANCAP Certification
1 Duly completed MANCAP FORM.
2 Certificate of Incorporation from CAC.
3 Evidence of payment.
4 Certificate of analysis.
5 Inspection Reports of products.

Requirements for Product Type Certification
1 Certificate of incorporation from CAC.
2 Evidence of Payment.
3 Purchase relevant standard.
4 Inspection Reports of products and processes.
5 Flow Chart processes.
6 Labeling requirements.

Requirements for Product Registration
1 Certificate of Incorporation from CAC
2 Product Picture
3 Product Literature (English)
4 Quality Standards/Specification
5 Certificate of Analysis from manufacturer
6 Franchise Agreement with manufacturer
7 Power of Attorney
8 Certificate of free sale.


1 Customs related document not originating from SON but required for the clearing of SON regulated products 1A FORM M 1B PAAR 1C SGD 1D Bill of Lading/Airway Bill 1E Packing List 1F Invoice 1G ECOWAS Declaration Form

2 Consignee related documents not originating from SON but used by SON for clearing of regulated products 2A Certificate of analysis 2B Material Safety Data Sheet 2C Valid Calibration Certificate 2D Radiation Certificate 2E Certificate of Incorporation 2F Manufacturers Association of Nigeria (MAN) Certificate of Current Membership 2G ETLS certificate 3 Documents originating from SON but required for Clearing of regulated products 3A e-SON Product Certificate 3B e-SONCAP Certificate 3C e-Import Permit 3D Port Inspection Fees Receipt/Concession 3E Sampling Form 3F SON Import Permit for Gas Cylinder and Associated Equipment


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