ISO 14001 Transition Policy


The International Organisation for Standardisation published the ISO 14001:2015 standards in September 2015. A three-year moratorium has been given to all systems previously certified to 14001:2004 to transit to the new standard.

The Publication of the new standard does not automatically mean cessation of the 2004 edition; SON-MSC is allowing applications to be processed against NIS ISO 14001:2004 up until August, 2017. This is because we acknowledge the fact that some organizations have gone well into the implementation of the earlier version and would like to use the transition period to upgrade.

However the point to note is that any organisation that is issued a certificate now for NIS ISO 14001:2004 will expire on 14th September, 2018 and so will mandatorily conclude its transition audit to the 2015 version not later than 15th August 2018.

In line with the accreditation requirement we are mandated to communicate the official SON-MSC transition policy to our clients and interested parties.

There are three transition program options for our clients as follows:

Stand-alone transition audit: Client may choose to apply for transition audit regardless of its status in a valid certification audit program. Certificate after successful completion of audit will be issued reflecting the standing certification program of the client.

Validity of the certificate will last till the end of the certification program and the charge for the transition audit will be one-third of the initial certification man-day

Surveillance/Transition audit: A client may choose to have the transition audit combined with its surveillance audit within a valid certification audit program.

Validity of the certificate issued upon successful audit completion will be for the duration of the existing 3 year program of the client and will attract a charge of two-third of initial certification Man-day.

Recertification/Transition audit: A client may choose to have the transition audit combined with its recertification audit before the end of the moratorium.

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